JSS Articles — 1998

Vol. No. Year Article Title
34 1 1998 Software Safety Requirement Derivation and Verification
Bozarth, ASP, John D.
34 1 1998 Research into the Cost Effectiveness of Occupational Health & Safety Management & Methods Ind. Trails
Livingston, Andrew D.
34 2 1998 An Approach to System/Software Safety in a Major COTS Upgrade for a Specific Application
Bulow, CSP, Jeffrey A.
Muniak, PhD.,CSP, Charles G.
Rose, Israel
34 2 1998 Safety Analysis of Large Engineering Artifacts in the Application and Software Domains
Wang, PhD., Jim
34 3 1998 Identification and Implementation of Space Station Hazardous Commands
Emery, Melissa
34 3 1998 Battles In the War to Prevent Aviation Accidents
Miller, C.O.
34 4 1998 Let's Not Panic Over the Year 2000
Blackledge, Michael A.
34 4 1998 A System Safety Success: The Midcourse Space Experiment
McDevitt, Joyce A.
Smith, Clayton A.
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