JSS Articles — 1997

Vol. No. Year Article Title
33 1 1997 SCRAT (Safety Criteria Retrieving & Tabulating)
Hammer, Willie
33 1 1997 Mishap Investigations: Tools for Evaluating the Quality of System Safety Program Performance
Rimson, P.E., Ira J.
Benner Jr., P.E., Ludwig
33 1 1997 Ensuring Critical Event Sequences in High Integrity Software by Applying Path Expressions
Kidd, Marie-Elena C.
33 2 1997 Pollution Prevention In Design
Clark, PE, Teresa
Sikora, Peter
33 2 1997 Origins, Application, and Extensions of Sneak Circuit Analysis On Space Projects
Rankin, BSEE, John P.
33 3 1997 Human Factors Data from Near Miss Reports
Brazier,B.Sc., Andrew J.
Skilling, Jeffifer M.
33 3 1997 Process Failure Mode, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA) Commercial Application to a High Reliability Navy Microelectronics System
Heinz, James
Lumpkin, Jon
Moriarty, Brian
Wise, David
33 4 1997 Different Approaches to Incident Investigation — How the Analyst Makes a Difference
Lekberg, Anna K.
33 4 1997 A Risk-Based Approach to Verify the Guaranteed Emergency Brake Rate
Ho, Vincent
Coury, David
23 4 1997 Risk Acceptance and Strategy Selection in Technology Activities
Clemens, P.L.
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