JSS Articles — 1993

Vol. No. Year Article Title
29 1 1993 Risk Assessment of the F-15E's Windshield/Canopy Susceptibility to Birdstrike
Blake, Christopher R.
Faust, Brian D.
29 1 1993 Medical and Psychological Consequences of Electrocution Accidents
McGuire, M.A., M.S., E. Patrick
29 1 1993 Regulatory Requirements for Salvaged Items
Shock, Jr., Harvey E.
29 2 1993 On Safety, Health and Environmental Audits
Manuele, Fred A.
29 2 1993 Are Warnings and Instructions An Integral Part of System Safety Analysis
Peters, Esq., George A.
29 2 1993 Products Liability and Proper Implementation of ISO 9000
Scott, Gregory G.
Whitehead, G. Marc
29 2 1993 Regulation and System Safety Standards
Schock, Jr., Harvey E.
29 3 1993 The Use of Hazard Control Rating Codes to Assess the Equivalence of Alternative Control Measures
Pittenger, Conald A.
29 3 1993 Designing for Safety in the Conceptual Design of the Advanced Neutron Source
Harriington, R.M.
West, C.D.
29 4 1993 Decision Rule Charts As A Software Safety Tool
Pliakos, Mark
Schmedake, Robert
29 4 1993 The Modified Logic Tree Approach: An Effective Space System Safety Assessment Technique
Livingston, John M.
29 4 1993 Safety and Medical Devices
Wood, Bill J.
Ermes, Julia W.
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