JSS Articles — 2008

Vol. No. Year Article Title
44 1 2008 Defining a Safety Center of Excellence
by Tom Pfitzer and Pat Clemens
44 1 2008 Anatomy of an Award Winning Safety Program: A Case Study of the SSGN OHIO Class Conversion Safety Program
by Ricky Milnarik, Bryan Stanley, Thomas Cook and Norman Gauthier
44 2 2008 Risk Management: It's Not Rocket Science — It's Much More Complicated
by John Adams
44 2 2008 Fault Tree Analysis for MIL-STD-1316E
by Serene Tay Poh Choo
44 e-Edition
2008 Application of System Safety to Prevention of Falls from Height in Design of Facilities, Ships and Support Equipment for Weapons Systems
by Mark B. Geiger, M.S.E., CIH, CSP
44 e-Edition 3 2008 A Software Tool for Domino Effect Risk Assessment in Industrial Plants
by Antonio C. Caputo, Ph.D.
44 4 2008 Software Assurance Program
by Steve Mattern
44 4 2008 Software Integrity Levels
by Josh McNeil
44 5 2008 Incorrect Methodology
by George Peters & Barbara Peters
44 5 2008 What's Wrong with Bent Pin Analysis and What To Do About It
by Nat Ozarin
44 6 e-Edition 2008 Making Safety-Related Decisions
by Mike Allocco
44 6 e-Edition 2008 A Tribute to Trevor Kletz
by David Clarke
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