JSS Articles — 2007

Vol. No. Year Article Title
43 1 2007 What is Transient Risk?
by Malcolm Jones
43 1 2007 Multi-dimensioned Safety Criticality Assessment: When, Why, How and What is it Good For?
by Bill Blake
43 2 2007 Significance Culture in Nuclear Installations
by Constance Perin
43 2 2007 An Argument-Based Approach for Assessing Design Alternatives and Facilitating Trade-offs in Critical Systems
by Georgios Despotou and Tim Kelly
43 e-Edition
2007 Human Performance Data Collection in Theory and Practice
by David M. Clarke
43 e-Edition
2007 Security in Child-Checking Applications:?Where Any Vulnerability Presents Too Great a Risk
by Steve Manson
43 4 2007 Some Common Errors in Analysis: Independent Reviews Uncover Flaws
by P. L. Clemens
43 4 2007 What's in Your Safety Lexicon?
by Clif Ericson and Danny Brunson
43 5 2007 The Incorporation of Medical Emergency Event Sequences into the International Space Station Probabilistic Risk Assessment Model
by Roque H. Haines
43 5 2007 U.S. Machine Tool Safety Standards and System Safety: Current Activities of the ANSI B11 Accredited Standard Committee
by John Etherton
43 e-Edition
2007 Calculating Weapon Fratricide Probability Between Two Weapon Systems
by Michelle Arevalo and Geoffrey Bland
43 e-Edition
2007 Source-Mechanism-Outcome: A Simple, Yet Effective Hazard Description Model
by Donald Swallom
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