JSS Articles — 2005

Vol. No. Year Article Title
41 e-Edition
2005 New and Conventional Measures for Quantifying Risk in Rail Transport
by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckehard Schnieder; Ing. Roman Slovák; and Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Wegele
41 2 2005 The RAC Matrix: A Universal Tool or a Toolkit?
by Pat L. Clemens, Tom Pfitzer, Rodney J. Simmons, Saralyn Dwyer, John Frost and Eric Olson
41 2 2005 Hierarchical Component-based Fault Diagnostics for Safety-Critical Automotive Systems
by Song You, Ph.D., and Laci Jalics, Ph.D.
41 3 2005 Effective Strategy for Implementing the Continuous Risk Management (CRM) Program
by Paul S. Ray, Ph.D., PE, CSP, C. Eng. (U.K.)
41 3 2005 Rolling Up the Risks of Risk Rollups
by Russ Mitchell, CSP
41 e-Edition
2005 Design for Safety
by Dev Raheja and Brian Moriarty
41 e-Edition
2005 Structured Communication and Collective Cohesion Measured
by Entropy by Arlin Cooper and Rush Robinett III
41 5 2005 The Strategic Technology for Risk Management
by Arlin Cooper, Rush Robinett III, Ron Pedersen and Susan Camp
41 5 2005 The Significance to Risk Analysis of Risks Posed by Humans
by Felix Redmill
41 6 2005 Using FMECA for the Quantification of Public Safety Risks
by Sergio Oliva and Mike Yau
41 6 2005 Summing Risk — An International Workshop and Its Results
by Pat L. Clemens and Donald W. Swallom
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