JSS Articles — 2002

Vol. No. Year Article Title
38 1 2002 Use of System Safety Risk Assessments for the Space Shuttle Reusable Solid Rocket Motor
Phillip O. Greenhalgh, CSP
38 1 2002 A Comparison of the Safety Management Requirements of Yellow Book 3 and ESARR3
Bruce Elliott
38 2 2002 The Expanding Scope of System Safety
George A. Peters and Barbara J. Peters
38 2 2002 Using Animation of Formal Specifications to Validate Safety Properties
David Cooper, Ian Morrey, Andy Bissett, Jawed Siddiqi, Richard Hibberd and
Graham Buckberry
38 3 2002 Falling Through the Cracks — Does the Lack of Safety Considerations for Disabled Passengers Place All Fliers at Risk?
Tom Muro, Ann Waterman and Niles Welch, CSP
38 3 2002 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) in Risk Analysis for Space Programs
Paul S. Ray, Ph.D., CSP, C. Eng.
38 4 2002 The Role of Fault Trees in Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Bill Vesely and Allen Long
38 4 2002 Some Dimensions of Risk Not Often Considered by Engineers
Felix Redmill
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