JSS Articles — 2001

Vol. No. Year Article Title
37 1 2001 The Risk Exposure Interval — Too Often an Analyst's Trap
Clemens, P. L.
Simmons, R. J.
37 1 2001 Safe Communications in an Unsafe World
Gwinn, Joseph M.
37 2 2001 An Integrated Approach to Reliability and Safety Hazard Analysis
Ray, Paul S. Ph.D., CSP, C.Eng (U.K.)
37 2 2001 A Classification of Safety Analysis Methods for Optimal Selection and Application to Machinery Design
Gauthier, Francois
Charron, Francois
37 3 2001 Software Safety by Abstraction Level
Ericson, Clifton A. II
37 3 2001 Seismic Hazard Mitigation for Ground Support Equipment: A Probablistic Approach
Strohman, Brian D., PE
37 4 2001 Fire Safety Management for Karaoke Establishments in Hong Kong 
W.K. Chow and Gigi C.H. Lui
37 4 2001 Using Fault Trees to Assess Risk in an Operational Environment
Richard A. Pullen, Stephen Flanagan, and John D. Andrews
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