JSS Articles — 2000

Vol. No. Year Article Title
36 1 2000 How Much Risk Reduction Is Enough?
Redmill, Felix
36 1 2000 The Most Significant Human Error in the Aviation System
Miller, C.O.
36 1 2000 Constrained Mathematics for Calculating Logical Safety & Reliability Probabilities with Uncertain Input
Cooper, J.Arlin
Ferson, Scott
Cooper, Douglas K
36 2 2000 Hazardous Material and Hazardous Waste Management Within the Navy: A Closer Look
Gladstone, Kenneth M.
36 2 2000 Assessing Safety and Programmatic Risks of Proposed System Upgrades
Naylor, Warren P.
36 3 2000 On Selecting the Technique and the Indenture Level
Clemens, P.L.
Ripani, Paige V.
36 3 2000 Fire Safety Management Using Modeling Techniques
Chow, W. K.
36 4 2000 Safety and Reliability of Transmission Lines Using Fault Tree Methods
Schweitzer III, E.O.
Fleming, Bill
Anderson, Paul M.
36 4 2000 Universal Design: A Reasonable Standard of Care
Peters, George A.
Peters, Barbara J.
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