EC Documents 2005

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The following documents are currently available. Click on the links to download.

EC1 President's Report 2005.PPT
EC2 Executive Vice President's Report 2005.PPT
EC3 Secretary's Report 2005.PPT
EC4 Treasurer's Report 2005.PPT
EC5 Director of Conferences Report 2005.PPT
EC6 Director of Government and Inter-Society Services Report 2005.PPT
EC7 Director of Membership Services Report 2005.PPT
EC8 Director of Publicity & Media Report 2005.ppt
EC9 Director of Education & Professional Development Report 2005.PPT
EC10 Director of Chapter Services Report 2005.PPT
EC P1 Eastern Canada Chapter Report 2005.ppt
EC P2 Northwest Chapter Report 2005.PPT
EC P3 Singapore Chapter Report 2005.ppt
EC P4 Tennessee Valley Chapter Report 2005.ppt
EC P5 Sacramento Chapter Report 2005.ppt
EC P6 Twin Cities Chapter Report 2005.ppt
EC P7 Washington DC Chapter Report 2005.ppt
EC P8 Winners Circle Chapter Report 2005.ppt
EC T1 Rules of Conduct 2005.PPT
EC T2 Action Item Status.ppt
EC T3 Conflict of Interest 2005.PPT
EC T4 E-mail Voting Process 2005.PPT
EC T5 Competency Initiative 2005.PPT
EC T6 Common Practice of System Safety 2005.doc
EC T7 Common Best Practices 2005.PPT
EC T8 Constitution_Bylaw_ Operations Manual Updates 2005.PPT
EC T9 Conference Revenue Sharing Strategy 2005.PPT
EC T10 Conference Literature Distribution Strategy 2005.PPT
EC T11 Winners Circle Recommendations 2005.PPT
EC T12 Chapter of the Year Criteria 2005.PPT
EC T13 Society Handbook Business Data 2005.ppt